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RandomPixels is the initial Hashbrownies release. The goal was to implement three concepts with Stellar Turrets: (1) file generation and upload to IPFS, (2) randomness, and (3) ordered NFT names. The application is to randomly generate NFTs and that's exactly what RandomPixels are - decentralized, abstract, generative art NFTs with questionable aesthetics 🤡. If you decide to get one, you won't know what you'll get. Your NFT will get randomly generated in a decentralized way only after you've initiated the smartcontract.

Here's an infinite stream of images that can be generated. It illustrates how easy it is to create these, yet only 255 original RndPxls are going to get issued as NFTs on Hashbrownies.

Random Image Generator. There are multiple parameters which the random image generator is rolling for. You can lock and choose some of them yourself. Each NFT gets issued with an asset name in the form "RndPxls???" where ??? stands for a unique order number. The order number of your NFT affects the probability of the size. In the beginning, smaller images are generated, and later, the chance of getting bigger ones increases. Subsequently, the size affects the probability of choosing different image generation techniques. E.g. symmetry is possible from the size 32x32 and above. For more information check out github.

Price. The base price is 5 XLM, out of which 2.5 XLM is going to get locked in the NFT creation. Each extra option is 5 XLM as well. There are some extra options that are not possible to roll for. Any wallet can receive and hold multiple RndPxls. You are free to do whatever you want with your RndPxls as soon as you receive them. If you want to show some love and support, you can also include a small tip.

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